Inside Verses Outside: A Look at Clash of Clans Game Strategies

 Inside Verses Outside: A Look at Clash of Clans Game Strategies


What is your first line of defense in Clash of Clans? Nearly 100% of people will say their walls. Walls help separate your village into protected and un-protected spaces. Walls help define where future buildings will go, as well as areas that require additional security.

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It would make perfect sense then to put all of your buildings behind your walls. Or would it? Lets take a look at Clash of Clans Game Strategies where you don’t stuff everything inside your own walls.



Outside Verses Inside


As we said earlier, it may be tempting to put all of your buildings behind your walls. The main reason why people do not suggest doing this however is because it may break overlapping defenses you have set up. In addition, it is also considered a waste of walls.



So Then, What Buildings Can Be On The Outside?

Lets start with those buildings that should definitely be outside your walls. They include your builder’s huts, your laboratory, your army camps, your spell factory, and your barracks. If any of the above are destroyed when you are being attacked, then you will not lose either progress or resources. This, more then anything else, makes them expendable. In addition to those listed above, you may want to keep out your gold mines and elixir collectors as well. If they get attacked, there will be some loss. However, you will only lose uncollected resources. What you do will be ultimately up to you.


So what does that leave us? Well, that leaves us with a few buildings that you should protect at all costs. The town hall, elixir storage, gold storage, and defenses will be central to you in both the short and long run. Protect your resources first, and everything else second.



Should I build Square or Rectangle Bases?


That depends. If the base has a one layer thick wall, then it will be pretty easy to break through. One o two wall breakers will be able to get through without much trouble. Play around with different setups to see what works best for you. It may be that a completely untraditional design will best secure your most important buildings from invaders. Either way, remember how you can save room internally by placing your buildings on the outside of your walls. Until you discover the design that works for you, good luck!



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