All about Pokemon Go

Walk much for Eggs

Pokemon Go can be considered as the best game that is ever developed. Niantic did a great job by using your GPRS and your phone camera. The Pokemon Go is the best partner when you are traveling. There are many Pokemon in your way, waiting for you to come and catch them all. If you think that you are the trainer and you can house Pokemon, then get it downloaded on your device and start wandering around. There is a lot to be found on the streets, historical places, and even the cafes. Who knew that the pokemon go location hack could be that much fun?



What are Eggs in Pokemon Go?

There is another way by which you can have the Pokemon. You can have the egg of the Pokemon. By taking good Care of the egg, you can have the Pokemon after some time. If you are looking for a particular Pokemon and cannot find it anywhere, then this may be your chance of getting it. Of course, you know that everything has a price – wandering in the streets without the clue or the Pokemon candy. So, if you are to get the Pokemon egg, you must pay the candy as the price.



What to do with the Eggs?

The eggs are not helpful alone. They need to be put in special care to make them hatch. The special care is called an egg incubator. Now that is a device that you have from the beginning. You put the egg in the incubator and after some time it gets hatched. You have one from the start of the game, but you can buy more to hatch more eggs in one time. These incubators do all that is to be done with the egg and give you a baby Pokemon.


How to get the eggs hatched?

You must be pretty sure by this time that in Pokemon GO, everything runs on the GPRS. The incubator works on one thing, and that is your distance. The more you cover, the more it is good for the hatch. There are three varieties of the eggs that you can have. Those you hatch on 2km, those on 5km and those you get hatched on 10km distance covered. What you need to do is to select the egg that you want to be incubated. Start covering the distance and when you have covered the distance your egg is going to hatch to a baby Pokemon.


What are the limitations and outcomes of these methods?

The hatching does not respond when you are in the car. So, if you are planning a long trip and want all the eggs to hatch, then it is not going to happen. The distance in registered only when you are under 20 miles per hour. If you are faster than that, the game will detect that and your distance recording will get stopped. So, you may consider getting on your bicycle and cover the distance. As the outcomes, you may get the Pokemon you are looking for or something else that you may be interested in.

BioRing is intelligent ring that monitors your activity

Most monitoring systems and acitivităţilor exercise throughout the day is wearing on the wrist and come as bracelets or watches. There are some oversized straps that you can wear around your chest with similar results, but’s about it.


If you were looking for a new fitness accessory laden with smart features, the new BioRing is a ring that might astound you amalgam of integrated sensors that work together to make your life easier.


Simple and elegant, it can be classified as new gadgets that currently strives to obtain financing through a campaign on Indiegogo. At the time of this writing it had already managed to collect about 40% of the budget into $ 50,000. With delivery planned for November this year, the lower price of a BioRing is 220 dollars, while stores will reach 300 dollars.
Available in white or black, the ring seems to have a common design as possible. Behind the small housing still hiding some features that make it unique. Its creators are especially proud that manages to record the quantities of food that you eat daily. Thus, in addition to calories burned through exercise, can make a difference to the calories you take in food.


BioRing measured them both, giving you a detailed diagram of the food consumed and helping you monitor your weight – all in a revolutionary new format with a Scandinavian design. To carry out these tasks successfully, each BioRing comes with an accelerometer sensor, optical heart rate monitor and a new bio-impedance sensor. The latter is responsible for monitoring the accuracy of calories you swallow.

We just used to watches and bracelets smart, but big companies already thinking about how to make us more connected. Smart ring could be the next project of Samsung wearable gadgets market.


Samsung has managed to create the best SmartWatch of 2015, after several failed attempts this with flying colors. The company will not, however, be confined to the wrist, but plans to expand on other parts of the hand.

In an application before the US patent office, the company describes a clever ring capable of displaying notifications and is connected to Facebook, and allow users to control other intelligent devices.

In one situation, the ring would have recognized Samsung smartphone that could display a context menu and functions of the ring, and other functions as may be set.

Smartphones Tehnology

Artificial intelligence will kill you watch the phone’s screen era. Artificial intelligence will allow direct interaction with the objects around us, eliminating the need to use a smartphone screen. More than half of smartphone users think these devices will be exceeded in the next five years, it said in a study of Swedish Ericsson.


The report shows also that the pace of adoption of new technologies is faster than ever, reaching them faster than ever available and widely adopted by the population. As a result, the period during which users are early adopters essential to her influence on others is also, in turn, shorter than ever before.


Some of the new trends presented in this report it may seem unrealistic, even than SF. But consumer interest in new ways of interacting with the world around, interaction should be based on artificial intelligence and virtual reality, but also include Internet connections in walls of houses where we live or even in our own bodies, is quite the real. Artificial intelligence will disappear for a new era of applications that will run through the GPS signal. A revolutionary application called Phone Number Tracker technology detects all locations Smartphones. Phone Number Tracker software contains many who use telephone number, location detecting it.


According to this study, even when an application providing a service locator elementary, others were trying to collect more personal data than necessary.

Weather Channel application asks the user location coordinates, an average of 2,000 times, i.e. once every 10 minutes.

The main objective of the study focused on how users reacted but when were that their personal data were shared on various online applications.

Participants receive a message every day, called “privacy nudges” ( “Warning Privacy”), which informed about the frequency with which certain personal information – such as location, contact list and chat history – were shared.

This optional feature that draws copiously from Shazam application will be used in the forthcoming update of the Facebook app for smartphones and tablets using Apple or Android operating.


The option will be available on updating the status on this social network, explained Aryeh Selekman, director of the applications within Facebook.

“If you choose to activate this function,” said an employee of the American company “would allow you to use your phone’s microphone to identify the song you’re listening to at that time or show or movie you’re watching.”


The smartphone has become probably the best friend of man. Nine out of ten Romanian relaxing evening with your arms. As the result of a study by a consulting company. And most are addicted to the Internet, whether on public transport, in cafes, restaurants, on the road, in the office or social events.

The phone interrupts when I read a book. The research results also show that 34% of Romanian shopping directly from your smartphone.

Psychologists already talking about smartphones,  people who have placed their primary needs in this gadget.

Smartphone addiction is treated! At intervals beginning with the Mobile button and you do not have to increase to reach hours without Facebook check your e-mail or what’s app.

The first and most important step in healing is to recognize that you are addicted to your phone.

Snapchat on Android

Dear friends, my name is Sara and today we will talk about the relationship between operating systems and applications. Of course I mean the operating systems are popular because smarthphones and should not be replaced, just reformatted. Mobile phones are not as PC’s, do not put what operating system you want.



They are built on platforms that support only one operating system, one that comes from the factory.

Windows phone is the least used operating system because the interface is a bit ugly and I do not say that only half of the users. Windows Phone 8.1 is the latest version of the operating system for smartphones created by Microsoft. Worth, first, we noted that the system was designed from the beginning to provide a more enhanced security. Thus, the software has been designed in such a way that there are no vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers.


From the moment you open the phone, and starts booting, it is protected. This is possible thanks to UEFI technology which does not allow any malicious software to modify the normal parameters before other protective measures to vest. The system does not allow any changes whatsoever, that may be rooted. Unlike Android, where most infections come from the installation of apps from unknown sources, if any Windows Phone application must bear a digital signature and come from Microsoft app store.


That sets limits potential sources of infection.

We can say, without exaggeration, as smartphones are devices that have changed the most lives over the past 10 years. Helps us to stay connected to the things that matter to us, it facilitates access to information and content creators make us the photos you publish by using their social networks.

The requested time operating system is Android which is a hand that reaches tester hackers. Considering that and iPhones have been taken targeted by cybercriminals, you can choose whether to keep your information secure and confidential conversations when it comes to mobile.

You could choose between Blackberry and Windows Phone, but how the Windows platform increase by the day, debating below what would be a good fit Microsoft ecosystem.



Regarding the applications that run well on these operating systems are social. For example we can talk about Snapchat is very little time in app stores. Snapchat is a social application that lets you quickly with friends vorbes users can add text and simple drawings over images and videos taken and sent to Snapchat. Snapchat app is available for free for Android and iOS. The company behind this service warns that images and videos can be saved by recipients with different independent programs, one of which is called “Snapchat Hack”. If desired messages sent to be visible longer, no way “Stories” which, as the name implies, can create stories made of an unlimited number of images and videos that can be viewed for 24 hours. Snapchat Hack makes things much more simple and helps you learn about your friends seem to use it so you have to read the messages. The program works like Snapchat Hack application and do not need to install However I use to Hack Snaphack it works faster.

Today’s Technology

One of the giants of the automotive industry (namely BMW Group) already uses an experimental program within Google Glass glasses for its employees. They use to improve the quality of services as a result of accelerating workflow (quickly identify potential problems in the assembly, photographing or filming possible deviations, etc.).

Technology Today In-Car Gizmos of the Future

The advantages of symbiosis of increasingly present between humans and intelligent devices will be visible at the level of production and interaction to solve various situations that require a rapid and efficient management. In this way, the technology developed by Apple for a smart phone particularly the future, using programs and software, able to give man everything he needs her to do, certainly in these phones, some of the tools without which modern man of tomorrow will be able to imagine life. Of course as in the casino industry (both online and offline), the advantages of technology development their arguments in full, ensuring a level of fun and relaxation for larger sizes. Interaction Casino “in motion” will be one of the most delightful forms gamblerii worldwide who will benefit most creative Models casinos and specific games.

Even though many years ago such inventions and software programs to ease human life seemed science fiction, here today they are something tangible. Surely such accessories futuristic modern man of today will be just some ordinary human tomorrow accessories that will be found, as always, looking for other challenges in terms of progress and tehnlogie.


It is no longer a secret that BMW is increasingly involved in the development of efficient technologies and testimony do the two models presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show: BMW i3 and BMW i8.
Behold BMW i8 will be the first model to benefit from laser headlight technology, which officials say have a range BMW visibility twice higher than those that use LED technology and are five times brighter.
Without going into technical details, BMW briefly explains the operation of headlights: the laser beam produced by a set of small diodes are turned into light by using a fluorescent phosphorus, located inside the headlights.

ABS Antilock Braking System

The German company Bosch (known more popularly as Bosch) ABS technology developed in the 1930s, but the first series cars that use electronic Bosch were available in 1978. They first appeared for trucks and limousines German Mercedes-Benz . Afterwards systems have been ported and motorcycles.


It showed that braking effectiveness is taken to limit tire-way. Locking wheel generated by pressing the brake pedal too strong even in conditions of pure asphalt can lead to a large increase in braking distance plus compozitatea increased steering brake. Worse if the pressure limiter for the rear axle does not work rear wheels blocking se.ABS is an electro or electro electronically controlled which serves acorecta automatically braking to each wheel moments or osi, depending on the degree of adherence wheel and curve of value there. Adapting friction grip available under each wheel ABS allows the driver to keep the vehicle on course. Anti-lock adjustment process recovers depending on throttle and rotate according to rotate relative petrinderea. Operating conditions are coordinated by a microprocessor. Function ABS braking system is based on permanent measure wheel rotation speed of the car. ABS works on a triple fluid circuit, each circuit is equipped with a pair of solenoid valves.
Circuit occurring three stages of operation:
– Pressure reduction phase,
– Phase maintaining pressure,
– Phase growth pressures.

A typical ABS is composed of a central electronic unit, four speed sensors (one for each wheel) and two or more hydraulic valves on the brake circuit. The electronic unit constantly monitors the rotational speed of each wheel. When it detects that one wheel is spinning more slowly than others (a condition that will bring in blocking state), move the valves to relieve pressure in the brake circuit, reducing the braking force on that wheel.

EFFICIENCY: The high grip conditions, dry or wet, most cars equipped with ABS braking distances get better (shorter) than those without ABS. A driver with average skills on a car without ABS might, through cadence braking, to achieve the performance of a rookie driver on a car with ABS. However, for a significant number of drivers, ABS improves braking distances in various conditions. The recommended technique for driving a car equipped with ABS in an emergency situation, it ss to press the brake pedal to the bottom and to bypass any obstacles. In such situations, ABS will significantly reduce the chances of a skid and loss of control, especially with heavy vehicles. Snow and gravel, ABS enhances braking distances. On these surfaces, locked wheels would deepen and would stop the car faster, but ABS prevents this. Once activated, the ABS will cause the pedal to pulsate. Some drivers, sensing this, pressing the pedal and thus reduces braking distances increase. This helps to increase the number of accidents. For this reason some manufacturers have implemented systems that maintain brake assist braking force in emergency situations.

Cell Phone Tracking

Cell phone tracking is a new application appeared to detect devices using signal. This application may be eligible for use for device be it smartphone or PC. In order for this application to operate the device must be installed in a map or maps app. Captured signal comes from the SIM card that you have in the device. Cell phone tracking was created for people want to follow people or vehicles without needing their consent. It needs only the person’s phone number. The satellites have a very important role because it emits low intensity for this application.


Each satellite sends an electromagnetic signal – a beam of microwaves – which transmit information to any device receiving the signal. Thus, at any time, a GPS reception device for receiving a signal from four satellites. Embedded computer uses these signals to identify the exact distance to each of the four satellites and then to calculate the position with maximum accuracy based on distances.
In fact, the signal from three satellites it is sufficient for the process trilateral; calculate the position of a point on Earth is based on the distance to that point of the three satellites. The signal from the fourth satellite is redundant and is used to confirm the results of the initial calculation.

Phone Tracker
If the position calculated based on the calculation did not meet ABC satellites satellites ABD then other combinations are tested until a correct result is obtained. Phone gps tracker works by using satellite transmission rules for detection equation functioning as a phone locator system. Phone locator works as a static ip phone detects the position of the place and watched. For example, when you want to track or detect the position of a person 4g 3g or wifi and use it as a phone locator function.

Earlier should detect your position using GPS area using cell phone tracking function. Cell phone tracker is a platform operated by GPS signal interceptors using cells same as sim Institute for Communication. To be used properly you must use software that allows the device to be optimized for this application. Time is short for detection device that’s why you have to move into a position where you have to run the application sufficient signal. Next it’ll explain how it works Cell Phone Tracking. The process of measuring the distance from the satellite to the GPS device is based on timed signals.

For example, at 16:45, satellites can begin to transmit signals. The GPS receiver will begin simultaneously running the same sequence at 16:45, but not transmit. When the GPS receiver receives signals from different satellites, there is a lack of synchronization, because microwaves need a fraction of a second to reach the speed of light from satellite to receiver. Desynchronization is easily transformed into distance to each satellite. Little difference between each satellite signals is used to calculate the receiver position. All these things are possible only with Cell Phone Tracking application since it was created have no error in the account which contains detection. The basis for this is called Gps Phone Tracker application that contains several subdomains transition by operating several aspects catch GPS network. Cell Phone Tracking is a part of the base, which is to detect devices using only SIM card. The telephone number you enter will need to be fair and to note in front of its country of origin. This application is part of top applications and can help person who uses a device that uses an operating system. People who use this system will have a much greater satisfaction because I know better people close.


Mobile networks can be used in other functions. There is the example of this application Cell Phone Tracker. This can help you locate the signal devices through mobile networks. Cell Phone Traker was invented by a programmer that supports this program can locate any device in the world, only need phone and network it uses. In this case users should know that this program’s use must have a purpose because it contains low signal interference and affect the mobile phone network. Cell Phone Tracker does not contain viruses spying device.

Hydro-electric power

2016 was undoubtedly the most warm year globally since 1880, when they began to realize the weather records. The previous record was reached in 2014 and has been exceeded with 0.16 degrees Celsius, the scientists warned, according to the New York Times. Moreover, researchers warn that the explanation for the planetary warming is harmful to human activity.



The average temperature at ground level and the Ocean was 0.9 degrees Celsius over the past century media in 2015. Also, by December of last year was the warmest month of the year in history, according to the National Agency for the study of oceans and atmospheric (NOAA).

The news is not entirely new, since researchers have announced an estimate of global temperature for the year 2015 as early as a few months ago. They noted that the El Nino phenomenon, which very much heat from the Pacific Ocean is released into the atmosphere, is partly responsible for the alarming global warming reached in 2015.


Hydro-electric power

But scientists draw attention that most of the blame on human activity and a bear, especially the burning of fossil fuels.

It will still take several years before it is established with certainty, but the scientific data recorded in the 2014 and 2015 shows that world was placed on a trajectory of rapid global warming.

Two u.s. Government agencies, the Agency’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Agency for the study of oceans and atmospheric (NOAA) data were collected separately about the global temperature from thousands of weather stations and buoys from the oceans from all corners of the world.

NASA and NOAA have published the results Wednesday morning and revealed to the world that the year 2015 has achieved the highest level of heat since 1880. Also, preliminary data from Japan Meteorological Agency shows from the same thing, and British monitoring will present a similar result in the coming weeks.

Global warming has contributed to a wave of heat from India, from last spring, in which 2500 people died.

The El Nino phenomenon and manifests itself in the year 2016, therefore, researchers have raised the possibility that the year 2016 and set a record in terms of global temperature. El Nino disrupts the circulation pattern of the atmosphere and contribute to extreme weather phenomena, including a drought in South Africa, which would endanger the food source of millions of people.

The latest manifestation of the phenomenon El Nino, which started in 2015 and will end in the spring, is among the most powerful ever recorded.

Noted when he acceded to the European Union, Romania has assumed that he would head to a “recycling society” and that it will apply the hierarchy of waste management. In addition, we were obliged to support country measures aimed at the efficient use of resources, measures that apply to all types of waste: municipal waste and assimilated from Commerce, industry, institutions, including separately collected fractions, bio waste, packaging waste, construction and demolition waste, discarded vehicles, waste electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators, waste oils , tires, waste containing PCBs/PCTs, waste containing asbestos, wastes arising from medical activities and related activities.

Solar energy

Solar energy is transmitted electromagnetic energy generated by nuclear fusion sun. It underpins all life on earth and is about 420 trillion kWh. This amount of energy generated by the sun is thousands of times greater than the total energy used by all people light and heat from the sun have been used by humans since ancient times using a range of technologies continuously improved.

Solar panel on a red roof reflecting the sun and the cloudless blue sky

Solar panel on a red roof reflecting the sun and the cloudless blue sky


Solar radiation along with other secondary sources of energy besides solar energy, such as energy and wave energy wind, hydro and biomass electricity, represent the bulk of the available energy from the earth regenrabile sources. From solar energy using only a very small part. Electricity generation from solar energy is based on heating and photovoltaic panels. The methods of using solar energy are limited only by human imagination. A partial list of applications of solar energy include space heating and cooling using solar architecture, providing drinking water by distillation and disinfection, lighting, hot water production, cooking with solar energy and heat from high temperature process used for industrial purposes. To use solar energy, solar panels are usually used. Solar technologies are generally passive or active depending on how solar energy is captured, converted and distributed and. Active solar techniques include the use of photovoltaic panels and thermal collectors for energy capture. Passive solar techniques include a building orientation towards the sun, selecting materials with favorable thermal mass or light dispersing properties, and designing spaces so that air to circulate naturally.

Photovoltaic panels convert light directly into electricity at the atomic level. Some materials have the property of absorbing light photons and electrons release. This effect is called the photoelectric effect. When these electrons are trapped resulting an electric current which can be used as electricity. The photoelectric effect was first observed in 1839 by French physicist Edmund Becquerel of. Becquerel found that some materials may produce small amounts of electric current when exposed to light. In 1905, Albert Einstein described the nature of light and the photoelectric effect on which photovoltaic technology is based, for which he later received the Nobel Prize for Physics.

The first photovoltaic module was developed in Bell Labs in 1954. It was registered as a solar battery and was considered only a curiosity, too expensive to be used widely. In the 1960s, the space industry was the first to seriously begun to use technology to provide electricity for spacecraft. Through space programs, the technology advanced, its reliability has improved and the cost began to decline. During the energy crisis of the 1970s, photovoltaic technology has been recognized as a source of electricity for other applications than space. Developing countries, where many villages are often less than five km from the electricity distribution network, began using photovoltaic systems. In remote villages in India there is a program that LED lighting powered by solar energy will replace kerosene lamps. Solar-powered lamps were sold it would cost approximately kerosene needed for a few months of operation. Currently Cuba tries to provide electricity from solar energy in areas not connected to the national grid. These are areas where social costs and benefits is an excellent case for switching to solar energy, although lack of profitability could make such efforts have a humanitarian purpose.


Bavarian automobile company BMW announced earlier this year that putting out a new prototype with two electric motor and a combustion enough power they produce. After this announcement have confirmed that the design that comes this model will be different from other model series. So BMW i8 car of the future resembles the perception of BMW. From all corners angles and this car has a more sporty and less appearance sedan.



BMW i8 has a very advanced opening uncle but interior space is very small place with only 2 passengers because of technology that includes total this car. From the front car requires aggressive grille that contains two spaces for ventilation taken from all BMW models, and these are outlined with a blue color to attract attention as it is a prototype.


The headlights are latest generation laser type and have an elongated dimension to create the impression of supercar. BMW i8 from the rear may be mistaken Lamborghini super sports car with a spoiler example almost lafel. Body model contains material that is lightweight aluminum 90% and the remaining BMW i8 hard plastic so reach a weight of 1 ton.


The wheels are made of a new material in BMW factories and have a size of 19 inches plus Michelin tires with a very thin bubble stability. The best part of the body are doors containing an intelligent opening. When you are in a crowded parking lot you can open up doors partly to avoid creating unpleasant events and other road users not to scratch the doors.

BMW i8 This body has a drag coefficient very high so do not feel crosswind. BMW has placed three engines in a way that the weight to be 50-50 to eliminate body roll machines.


The gasoline engine has a capacity of 1.5l and is situated right behind the seats is very soundproofed but you will not even hear. Other Electric Engines are different so large engine capacity is located in the front and runs to the front wheels and the small engine in the back to help him 1.5l engine and serves to recharge the batteries. Consumption of gasoline that BMW i8 lute is 3l / 100km engines 362cp developing and 600nm. The couple comes circular and has no delay when you press the gas pedal car climbs to first hundred in 5 seconds. All this power is limited by computer that can share power between front and rear axle in order to make savings.


The operation of the motors consists of a generator that charges the batteries of electric motors, whether they are loaded gasoline engine not working. The BMW i8 then work has two main modes sport and economically. When you play the sport engines in how the car works is ready to show their strength for drivers to overtake rapidly and has enormous stability in curves.


This stability is given by the intelligent suspension that harden at activating the Sport mode enabling and enhancing cornering direction because the direction has a new electrical system. In drive mode the car runs flawlessly doing everything possible to consume as little and the driver feel more comfortable.


The gasoline engine works in this mode when the batteries are charging them and after it stops, the BMW i8 quiet electric motors running. Autonomous organization that has BMW i8 is a 300 km parks but without exceeding 90km / h. For orce way you choose should know that the car runs full meaning all wheels are in charge. BMW i8 contains a lot of systems using the only technique that has all bmw available.

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